Mar. 15 2015: Fun with Photoshop

Dr. P’s Photoshop tutorial was a wee bit out of date, but I was able to find the PowerPoint 2014 CC equivalents and reformat my image for the web. I’m more familiar with Photoshop than I am with with HTML5/CSS3, but I still have much to learn. It will be fun to actually create a gallery of images. I’d like to learn how to create thumbnails. Even more important for my vision of my site will be use of clippings from the earliest motion picture trade papers. They are conveniently collected in one incredible site, the Media History Digital Library. The trades began publication in 1907, predating D.W. Griffith’s arrival on the scene. Variety and The New York Dramatic Mirror predate even that. So by judiciously choosing articles, it is possible to construct the history of early cinema from eyewitness accounts. Since retyping all the articles in Word would take forever, I would like to crop them from the journals and simply post the article as a jpg or a PDF.

So much to learn, so little time to learn it.

My comments on classmates’ posts here.


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