Feb. 28 2015: My New Best Friend at Yahoo Technical Support

When you spend as much time together as we have, you tend to bond. Spent many hours of trying to upload my newly simplified website to my new domain, http://www.kinohistory.com. Both FileZilla and Dreamweaver failed to make a connection with Yahoo’s server. I finally called Yahoo Tech Support and it turned out you can’t even upload under the basic plan (damn that fine print). Not too surprisingly I had to upgrade to the advanced plan, but it worked!

Still slogging through the Lynda.com lesson on using Photoshop to Design Your Webpage. The instructor is easier on the ears than the guy who taught the Designing Your First Webpage in Dreamweaver course. Still, 5 and 1/2 hours is a looong slog, but after my day with tech support it feels like a breeze. I really got a lot out of the discussion on designing with a grid. Looking forward to the rest.

Until then, please pay a visit to http://www.kinohistory.com

My comments on classmates’ posts here.


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