Feb. 20 2015: Cleanup and Reboot

No readings this week so I’ve been re-watching the Lynda.com tutorials and the very helpful videos and Ppts. on the Dreamweaver site. Highly recommended. I cleaned up http://www.Slapsticon.org/Portfolio so that at least the header and the body aren’t flying off the field. But when I look at my code it’s a mess! I could try to clean it up but since I have all my basic elements I think it will be easier just to build from scratch. I like my basic design with old film stock providing the background texture, so I will keep that. I don’t know if it s cheating or not, but I have been designing my title and footer elements in PhotoShop for no better reason than I am more familiar PS and feel like I have more control. Is this cheating? Would be interested in others’ thoughts.

This week’s assignment was to clean up the Columbine site. In a way, this practice site is simpler than my site. During our last class I attempted to keep up with the code when it was flying fast-and-furious. But I should be able to do enough backwards-engineering to give Columbine the clean look we’re shooting for.

Having heard nothing to the contrary, I assume that our Type Assignment is due on Monday. I must admit I haven’t yet found a type that screams, “I’m yours!”, but have found several serviceable sans and slab types that I like. One oddity: you would think that since Dreamweaver and Photoshop are Adobe products, and that I have the latest Cloud version, Adobe would offer TypeKit fonts on both You would be wrong. I don’t yet know how to download fonts so I can pull them out of my portfolio whenever needed, but that is on my self-learning curriculum for the weekend.

I’m looking forward to reading about my classmates’ adventures in web design.

Until Monday, stay warm.

Posted this week on Stephanie Seal’s site: http://stephanieanneseal.com/uncategorized/geocities-called-they-want-their-blinking-hello-kitty-cursor-back/#comment-6800


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